• Find the YouTube content you love just by saying it!

    With its smart voice search engine, Handsfree Player for YouTube gives you truly hands free access to all of YouTube. Just say “hey listen” followed by your search term and the app will instantly play the most relevant result. You can listen to music or watch a video when your hands are busy doing other things. The possibilities are limitless!

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  • Find what you love on YouTube – just by saying it!

YouTube music & video hands free

  • Listen to your favorite music


    Listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audio books on
    YouTube hands free while you are on the road, doing yoga,
    walking the dog, you name it. The app will even autoplay one
    track after another without you having to lift a finger or say
    another word. It’s your hands free music player!

  • Play movies hands-free


    Watch your favorite TV shows, vloggers and YouTube channels
    hands free, you can even let the autoplay take you on a binge!
    If it’s on YouTube, you can watch it hands free! Use the app
    to stay informed as it automatically delivers content relating to your interests.

  • Easy to use - just say it!

    Just talk to the app and it will fetch and autoplay the music track or video
    from YouTube for you. Simply say “Hey listen” and the search term, like
    “Hey listen Taylor Swift” or maybe “Hey listen The Simpsons Season 5
    Episode 1” and the best match video will autoplay instantly.

  • Just talk to the app
  • Create your own favorites playlist
  • Make your own playlist

    Create your own Favorites playlist of music, podcasts or videos and enjoy
    your favorite content hands free.

  • Watch YouTube’s latest trending videos

    Not sure what to search for? There’s always YouTube’s latest trending
    videos which are usually good for a laugh.

  • Find YouTube’s latest trending videos

Other Cool Features

  • Advanced phrase detection

    Advanced phrase

  • Neat user interface

    Neat, refreshingly
    clean user interface

  • Text search option

    Text search option

  • Available in 17 languages

    Available in 17

It’s free and unlimited

Use Handsfree Player for YouTube as much as you like, it’s free and unlimited. There is no catch and no paid upgrade. Download Handsfree Player for YouTube and enjoy the handsfree experience.
The possibilities of hands free use are only limited by your imagination!

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